The Seamless Web Part 1: A Legal Comedy

Read the Seamless Web Part 1 Back in the 1980s, young Pete Roselli is an associate attorney in a big New York City law firm. When the firm’s tyrannical senior partner orders him to come up with a winning legal argument for a client who’s clearly in the wrong,

Pete’s legal research hits a dead end. On the verge of panic, he accidentally gains access to the new electronic legal case law database. Now he can input his own legal cases – he can write his own law!

Fearing for his job, Pete counterfeits legal precedent to satisfy his boss. But when his phony legal research wins the case, Pete’s status in the firm skyrockets.

He finds himself torn between his desire for success, his fear of discovery and his underlying respect for the law. Meantime, the partners in the firm split into opposing camps – those who admire him and those who can’t stand him – and everybody tries to use him for purposes of his or her own.

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