The Seamless Web Full Edition: A Legal Comedy

Read The Seamless Web Full Edition! Consolidated edition containing all four parts of The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy that were previously published for Amazon Kindle.

Now you can read all the comic misadventures of Pete Roselli, guileless, hapless and clueless young associate attorney in the competitive snakepit of a huge Park Avenue law firm, collected in a single volume.

Set in the 1980s, the decade of greed, The Seamless Web is the comic tale of Pete’s travails working for the firm’s tyrannical senior partner, the irascible Jack Berman.

Jack orders poor Pete to come up with a winning legal argument in an impossible case or else. Pete is running scared, because no matter how much he researches, no matter how he racks his brain, he can’t find a single legal precedent or theory to help him.

On the verge of panic, he spills a can of soda pop on his computer keyboard and, in a flash, he accidentally gains access to the new – and poorly protected – computerized legal research database. He discovers can input his own legal cases. He can write his own law! It’s the answer to his problem.
Pete hesitates. He’s always respected the law; he doesn’t want to pervert it. But his fear of failure and firing overwhelms his legal ethics. He tells himself that he’ll only do it once, only this once to save his lawyer’s skin. He counterfeits a law case and hands his phony legal research to his boss. Amazingly, it works! They win the case.

Suddenly, Pete rockets from whipping boy to boy wonder. He becomes a rising star in the firm and finds himself on the fast-track to partnership, fame and fortune. But it’s all a lie and he can’t stop. Whipsawed between his fear of failure and now his fear of discovery, Pete staggers through a series of bizarre, picaresque misadventures in a landscape peopled with characters as crazy as only the most rigorous legal reasoning could make them.

There’s comedy, romance, mystery, skulduggery and just a touch of fantasy as Pete desperately tries to mend the holes he’s torn in the Law’s seamless web.

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