Five Minutes More and Other Stories

Read 5 Minutes More and Other Stories Six short stories from the pen of Joe Eliseon.

Five Minutes More: A young attorney must deal with the gorgeous ghost haunting his law firm. At least, he thinks she’s a ghost.

The New God: An applicant for godhood has trouble finding an appropriate sponsor.

The Three Pillars: An ancient myth re-told: titans, gods and men struggle over the foundations of the ancient three-cornered island the Greeks called Trinacria, which we now know as Sicily.

The Dog’s Tale: A courageous attempt to end the war between cats and dogs bears comic fruit; a Sicilian folk-tale told in a modern setting.

The Transporter: What if you could send a man’s atom’s flying through the ether at the speed of light and then put him back together in one piece – all except for his soul?

The Truth: An old man and a very young one confront the eternal question.

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