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I’ve published a number of short stories free on Google+ and for sale in book form on
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The Way the Crab Walks: Read it on Google+
A tale my grandfather told me about his grandfather, a dog and a wolf. When it’s your dog barking, listen.

Last Rites: Read it on Google+
Another tale my grandfather told me: a shocking coincidence amid the death and destruction of a World War I battlefield.

The Midnight Ride: Read it on Google+
A story about my father’s growing up as a little Italian-American boy in the shadow of Boston’s famed Old North Church, with a little Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Paul Revere thrown in.

A Ride in the Dark: Read it on Google+
Another of my grandfather’s adventures in the Great War: a terrifying ride down a mountain road, an artillery barrage and a truck full of high explosives.

The Missing Detail: Read it on Google+
A story about my grandfather and me and how I learned that what’s unsaid may be more important than what’s said.

To the Pure: Read it on Google+
My childhood experiences in an old-time barbershop; the adventure of good grooming.

The Experiment: Read it on Google+
Straight fiction about a university researcher who thinks he’s going back in time to stop the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Pete Gianelli Story: Read it on Google+
Another tale of the Italian immigrant experience: why it’s important to learn English.

The Donkey's Tale: Read it on Google+
A piece of Sicilian folk wisdom.

It's Impossible: Read it on Google+
When your client tells you something is impossible, don’t believe him.

Stropping Occam's Razor: Read it on Google+
A team of educational experts uncover the dark secret that caused my young cousin to color all his Kindergarten drawings black.

The Archer's Three Bows: Read it on Google+
A very short parable told me by an old Spanish priest.

Butch, Mirabili Dictu, A Dog: Read it on Google+
The exploits of forty pounds of mayhem, my grandfather’s most memorable dog.

Five Minutes More: Read Five Minutes More on Amazon Kindle
A young lawyer encounters a gorgeous ghost haunting his law firm; at least he thinks she's a ghost. More on this story.

The New God: Read The New God on Amazon Kindle
An ordinary guy applies for a position as a god, but has trouble finding the right sponsor. More on this story.

The Three Pillars: Read The Three Pillars on Amazon Kindle
An ancient myth retold, about titans, gods and men struggling over the foundations of the island of Sicily. More on this story.

The Dog's Tale: Read The Three Pillars on Amazon Kindle
An earthy Sicilian folktale my grandfather loved to tell about why the war between cats and dogs, despite the best of intentions on both sides, has never come to an end. More on this story.

The Transporter: Read The Transporter on Amazon Kindle
An engineer worries that his breakthrough technology destroys men's souls, his own included. More on this story.

The Truth: Read The Truth on Amazon Kindle
A little fable about an old man and a young one and a question left unasked. More on this story.

The Richest Man in Babylon, Revisited: Read The Richest Man in Babylon, Revisited on Amazon Kindle
Return to ancient Babylon for a further meditation on George S. Clason’s classic capitalist fable from 1926, The Richest Man in Babylon. More on this story.

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