The Seamless Web Part 2: A Legal Comedy

The comic adventures of young attorney Pete Roselli from The Seamless Web Part 1 continue. His senior partner and mentor entrusts him with a very knotty legal problem which threatens both of their careers. Meanwhile, the firm’s devastatingly gorgeous receptionist draws a bead on him, but his new and devoted secretary steps in to protect him. His secret “talent” enables … [Read more...]

The Seamless Web Part 1: A Legal Comedy

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 Back in the 1980s, young Pete Roselli is an associate attorney in a big New York City law firm. When the firm’s tyrannical senior partner orders him to come up with a winning legal argument for a client who’s clearly in the wrong, Pete’s legal research hits a dead end. On the verge of panic, he accidentally gains access to the new electronic legal case law database. Now he … [Read more...]