The Richest Man in Babylon, Revisited

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 Back in the 1920s, George S. Clason wrote The Richest Man in Babylon, a capitalist parable set in ancient Mesopotamia extolling the virtues of hard work, frugality, prudence and persistence. Joe Eliseon revisits his immortal tale, following young Omigud, an upwardly mobile peasant boy, as he moves from his native village to the ancient big city to follow the path of … [Read more...]

Five Minutes More and Other Stories

Read 5 Minutes More and Other Stories

 Six short stories from the pen of Joe Eliseon. Five Minutes More: A young attorney must deal with the gorgeous ghost haunting his law firm. At least, he thinks she’s a ghost. The New God: An applicant for godhood has trouble finding an appropriate sponsor. The Three Pillars: An ancient myth re-told: titans, gods and men struggle over the foundations of the ancient … [Read more...]

The Seamless Web Full Edition: A Legal Comedy

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 Consolidated edition containing all four parts of The Seamless Web: A Legal Comedy that were previously published for Amazon Kindle. Now you can read all the comic misadventures of Pete Roselli, guileless, hapless and clueless young associate attorney in the competitive snakepit of a huge Park Avenue law firm, collected in a single volume. Set in the 1980s, the decade of … [Read more...]

The Seamless Web Part 4: A Legal Comedy

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 Young Pete Roselli’s world begins to fly apart when his secretary files a sexual harassment claim against him. To save the firm, his mentor goes into damage control mode, planning to fire Pete, put the fix in on his disciplinary hearing and stash him away in academia until the heat dies down. But nothing works as expected and Pete finds himself hunting for a job, wandering … [Read more...]

The Seamless Web Part 3: A Legal Comedy

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 Young Pete Roselli’s partnership in his big New York City law firm has unforeseen and tempestuous consequences for his office romance. But there is an upside: his mentor puts him in charge of a mammoth, secret and perhaps even fraudulent real estate deal that will make all the partners wildly rich but completely subservient. Meanwhile, an ambitious, feminist District … [Read more...]